I wrote a book
OCTOBER 28, 2021

I’m going to tell you the truth

This is not necessarily poetry, just honesty that I put into lines because words have always been the way that feelings manifest in my mind.

The truth is,

I’m terrified.

I wrote a book and I worked on it for weeks. I revised it until I started to cry because even when it was finished, my hardest work became everything that I despised.

I think that sometimes as humans we prevent ourselves from our potential because we’re scared that if we give everything and fail, we have nothing left. We hide our gifts because what if someone else could do it better. What if I’m not actually any good, we say. What if I poured my heart out on paper just to be met with empty eyes. Just to feel more misunderstood. What if noone can relate, what if sharing myself was a mistake.

But regardless, today is the day. My soul is up for sale. My story is yours to keep. I hope you keep it well. And even if it’s not perfect, please know how scary it was to tell.

Flirting with the scars is a collection of poetry on hurt, the fructured pieces of my soul, and love, the oceans of my love. The shivers of a young broken heart, scarred and bruised, and the journey of learning to love, to find the beauty of life with a betrayed heart. Here is my pain disguised in words.


You can email me alicejuliet424@gmail.com for a copy of my book or purchase directly in this website Flirting with the Scars . Thank you Tell! Africa for the amazing opportunity and guidance throughout the process.

This post is a bit late because I struggled with finding the perfect words, apologies. So these words of the gorgeous Whitney Hanson did the trick(Thanks!) .

Thank you for passing by this blog, love.



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Aj writes

Aj writes

Nothing in life is constant but change and dealing with change is central to one's growth. Heraclitus noted that “everything changes and nothing stands still.”